Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is now available in Philippines for P97,810 at Lazada

To all Filipino tech enthusiact out there, patiently waiting and now your adrenaline rushes your to get the latest Apple iPhone 6 and the bigger one the iPhone 6 Plus. This is a good news to you, Lazada Philippines has announces that they will offer the two new model of Apple smartphone – the iPhone 6 nd the iPhone 6 Plus.
Added their latest arrival, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus offers a bit higher price compare to the previuos model of Apple. The store offer a price for iPhone 6 at P69,010 for 64GB, P64,320 for 16GB and P97,810 for 128GB version.
While the iPhone 6 Plus start at P90,450 for 64GB and P97,810 for 128GB version. Both models are available in three different variant such as gold, grey and silver.
Apples latest iteration of its flagship phone, crafted in elegant and exquisitely design to meet the highest standard in mobile arena. Boasted with the latest features and innovative and excellent component that can stand out in the crowd.

To know more about the Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, just click the link provided after the break.
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AOC's New Anti-Blue Light Technology Helps Protect Eyes

AOC is rolling out an innovative and patent-pending solution called Anti-Blue Light technology to protect users against the damaging effects of blue light LED-backlit computer screens. The technology will be incorporated into new AOC 76V Series Anti-Blue Light displays announced this year.
The new technology, Anti-Blue-Light (ABL), enables users to enjoy a quality picture, brightness and color fidelity without subjecting their eyes to the prolonged detrimental impact of shortwave blue light exposure. The technology will be incorporated into new AOC 76V Series Anti-Blue Light displays announced this year.
The AOC patent-pending Anti-Blue Light technology reduces the intensity and strength of shortwave blue light by fine tuning the LED backlight to reduce eye-damaging shortwave blue light by over 90 percent. Unlike other solutions that use filters or software settings, AOC Anti-Blue Light technology reduces shortwave blue light without dimming or distorting colors to maintain the true color and clarity of your images.

"We believe that any technology that can help protect our users' eyes, without forcing them to change their digital lifestyles will be highly welcome," said Steve Young, AOC Marketing Manager. "AOC's Anti-Blue Light technology leads the industry in protecting consumers against the damaging effects of blue light and providing a safer and healthier workplace."

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XOTIC PC PHANTOM X1 Intel i7 Gaming Laptop officially announces

XOTIC PC known built an extra ordinary PC series in different area that includes gamers, designers and business owners in its custom built laptop and desktop PCs. XOTIC PC has just announced a new gaming laptop to its family of custom built mobile gaming solution.
Powered by the latest Intel Haswell i7-4710HQ, paired with NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 860M (4GB GDDR5 w/ Optimus Technology) the PHANTOM X1 is a very powerful and affordable mobile gaming solution starting at $1159.00.Uniquely styled, the PHANTOM X1 has a bright white LED backlit gaming keyboard and red LED lighting surrounds the touchpad as well as addition accent red LED lighting on the back of the screen.
The PHANTOM X1 also features a bright 15.6" Full-HD Matte-Type IPS Panel Screen, which helps reduce eyestrain during those long late night gaming battles. Upgradeable to 16GB 1866MHz ram, the PHANTOM X1 stock memory starts out at 8GB 1600MHz and XOTIC PC always offers the latest in RAM/MEMORY options at very affordable upgrade prices.

To round out the specs on the PHANTOM X1; its storage drive is a 1TB Hard Drive with optional open mSATA SSD slot, and built in wifi plus Bluetooth 4.0 combo card.

Sony New WALKMAN app gets an update

Sony has released an update to its WALKMAN application, moving the build number from version 8.4.A.3.1 to 8.4.A.4.4.
The 11.8 MB update now shows you what music are currently playing in Walkman home, as well as bringing other bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Sony Xperia E3 now available in India

Sony has announced the Xperia E3 and Xperia E3 Dual for the Indian market. Both phones have been priced, with the Xperia E3 landing at Rs 11,990 and the Xperia E3 Dual at Rs 12,990. However, Infibeam already has the Xperia E3 Dual in stock for Rs 12,220.
If you have been waiting for news on the Xperia Z3 in India, then you’ll be glad to hear that a launch event is due to take place on 19 September, with the handset expected to be available the day after. We have heard that this will be the LTE model with pricing expected to be around the Rs 50,000 mark.

HTC Gallery gets an Updated

HTC have decided to release the Gallery application in the Google Play Store, which means that improvements to the application don’t have to wait for a software update on the device but may instead be rolled out using Google’s existing Play Store infrastructure. This heavyweight application contains a number of special effects that you can apply to photographs you’ve taken with the HTC. 
You can use Ufocus, Foregrounder, Seasons and Dimension Plus. Each of these effects takes advantage of the additional depth information that the One captures. Ufocus is perhaps the easiest one to explain as it allows you to change the focus point of the image after it’s been taken. I personally use this effect to ensure that the main point of the camera remains in focus by blurring out the background. The Foregrounder effect is similar to Ufocus but instead of blurring the background, it applies a special effect such as the Sketch mode. A season is similar; HTC Gallery applies an animated effect over your chosen image, which scrolls past on the screen. Dimension Plus uses the additional depth information to produce a pseudo-3D image.
The new typography includes templates for Title Slide, Magazine, Album, Calendar and Movie. There are also some unnamed changes that HTC One (M8) and Butterfly 2 users will stumble across while using these features.
It’s not any huge overhaul, sure, but we still love seeing the debut of new effects like this month and months after a phone’s initial release, helping our purchase remain feeling fresh even as new smartphones continue to launch all around us.

Android L will have data encryption

Android has always suffered from a big security problem: all Android devices offer data encryption, but most users don’t know how to turn it on, or even what it is. That’s why Google is turning on data encryption automatically with the new release of Android L. The automatic data encryption aims to help eliminate sensitive case issues by keeping law enforcement out of your devices.
Encrypting data on a password-protected phone means police won’t be able to access data on the device even if they have a warrant. The only way to get the data would be to force a user to give up his password.
Smartphones and tablets powered by Android have long offered encryption, but only as an option. But for devices with Android L installed, the next version of the operating system which is expected to be released in October, encryption will be turned on by default.
Taken together, the moves show how tech companies are more willing to get in law enforcement’s way following disclosures by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden that revealed some tech companies had cooperated with government snooping efforts.
Google’s encryption only applies to scrambling data on the phone itself. It does not apply Google Hangouts messages, which are encrypted as they travel to and from Google but not while inside Google’s servers.

Sony Movies app gets an update

Sony has updated the Movies app from build version 7.2.A.0.4 to 7.3.A.0.2. The update allows you to easily playback videos full-screen from the details page, simply by rotating the device into landscape mode.
Sony has also improved the stability. The 13.3 MB update should be rolling now.