Unlock your iPhone 6+, 5, 4s, 4 series without jail breaking

The team behind legitunlockingcodes.com has been hard work adding some of the most premium unlocks that are available and miss most of the unlocking websites online. They have also initiated an automated system that helps them process more phones and pass on the saving to their customers.
Allowing them to offer wholesale pricing for legal official Apple iPhone permanent unlock for iPhone 6 plus, 6, 5s, 5c, 4s, 4 3GS, 3G locked to AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Metro PCs – which permanent and irreversible.
"All you have to do is connect your phone to iTunes and backup and restore once the service is done and your phone will be unlocked," says the C.T.O Nick K. "To fully test this service just add a simcard from another network which should magically unlock your phone."
The desired subscribed carriers like AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile (MetroPCS) Blacklisted to name a few, provide very few unlocking solutions as these carriers provide pre-subscribed data plans that also cover a little above your phone's actual market value.
The reality is that most people even though have paid and their phones are out of contract, dread calling their carriers to get the phone unlocked. We provide a speedy way to get everything done and include Apple's latest iOS 8.1 series devices.
The brilliance in making sure that unlocking need not damage the beautiful engineering of the phone is one of the reasons that customers appreciate Apple and give their hard earned "18 billion dollars in profit for a single quarter."
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The Witcher 3 “Wild Hunt” Latest Build is Running on PS4 for 1080p and 900p On Xbox One

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, may not offer the same level of visual effects on both current-gen consoles. The recent preview event was able to show the attendees of how the witcher 3 will be running in three major platforms which are the PC, Xbox One and the PS4. According to reports from people who attended the closed preview event of the Witcher, the PS4 version of the game looked noticeably sharper rather than on Xbox. 
“In the duel console PlayStation 4, meanwhile, has clearly ahead of the graph. Although the textures are a bit more blurred than “high” PC details that falls within the normal TV-distance but hardly noticeable. In addition, the witcher adventure runs on the PS4 in 1080p – but only at 30 frames per second, which did not bother us.
“On the Xbox One Geralt goes also with 30 fps on monster hunt, but only in 900p, the textures also seen slightly more washed out than on the PS4. However, polishes CD Projekt own words yet on the Xbox version, maybe you can still screw up to 1080p, but you would not promise anything. Stand now is the PS4 image the sharper and stronger color.”
“Note that both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One builds are running at their targeted 30 frames per second. Both versions are said to offer similar graphics as the "High" preset of the PC version would. Word is that the real graphical show would be on the PC version of the game. But then, we already knew to expect that.”

Twiddle Tek Gear's: a One Handed Keyboard

Twiddle Tek Gear is a one handed keyboard and is a pocket-sized device. Its concept has 12 keys that are pressed in combinations which are known as "chording" to enter alphabetic letters. Four keys in the back provide Shift, Control, Alt and Number shift, and an eight-way pointer provides mouse control. Its connectivity is via Bluetooth or Micro USB. The device works very well in Bluetooth, it can pop up a mouse pointer on Android handsets and tablets. However, learning to chord is painful, particularly for those who can already touch type, but the rewards are considerable even when sitting at a desk.
Furthermore, the Twiddler III is an excellent device for presentations, navigating slides shows and entering URLs, where the speed of text entry is less critical. The Velcro strap that holds the keyboard in place, does the trick of changing sides for those who wish to type left handed while the pad on the bottom is a little small and occasionally pops loose when one is straining to reach a dispersed key combination, however a thumb can be placed to prevent that happening.

MGA partners with Odobo to bring HTML5 games content to players worldwide

Based in Barcelona, MGA is one of the key content providers within the Spanish market and specializes in developing classic online Spanish slots and video bingo games.
MGA pioneered the introduction of gaming machines and the subsequent manufacture of slots and casino games in Spain.
As a leading content provider for five decades, MGA is now forging a reputation for developing fast-play video slot games for online.
These have ranked amongst the most well-loved games for social play on Facebook with their popularity most notable in Spain, Latin America, Italy, Norway and more widely in Eastern Europe.
MGA's online games division is focused on delivering its international ambitions for mobile content. The new phase of game development will ensure that mobile users, as well as its existing online fan base, can enjoy its tried and tested products.
"Our games are ideal for mobile, we have fast play slots with the classic Spanish three reels and the 3x5 bingo cards, so they work really well on small screens. Since mobile is obviously the future, working with Odobo is an obvious and exciting choice. They bring us a fast route to market with big name operators already licensing content from their Marketplace across all mediums - desktop, tablet and mobile. It's the right time to be working together."
"Having MGA bring its games to Marketplace is a real privilege. Its games have a distinct pedigree and with our modern HTML5 technologies and toolkit, we're in a good position to open the gateway to players on all devices. Games developed for the Odobo Marketplace are made available to players on desktop, mobile and tablet with just one client build. Games are also added to our new consumer app, Odobo Play, to assist in marketing via a completely new channel. MGA already has hundreds of thousands of players on Facebook alone, and we're excited to be a part of being able to offer these games to new players in regulated markets."
The first games are expected later in the year and on build will ensure that the titles are available to players on iOS, Android and Windows devices.

GoldBroker launches Gold Price App for iPhone iOS compatible

GoldBroker's app offer its users smartphone-optimised ergonomy and lets one easily access gold market news and most functions available on the internet site (spot gold and silver graphs, videos, shopping cart, customers support, investors' guide)
Thanks to sharing tools available, users may share their favorite content on social networks. It is also possible to activate the Push functions in order to receive alerts in real time of the latest news on the gold market.
The app lets investors freely follow the state and performance of their investments anywhere, anytime, through a secured platform.
In the past investors had to log in to GoldBroker's site in order to have a quick look at how their gold and silver stock was doing. From now on they will be able to do so easily, quickly and in all safety on the device they use the most: their smartphone.
After launching this iOS application and revamping the mobile site, GoldBroker keeps developing its services. Our users regularly give us some feedback, and they were wishing for this mobile access. Thus it was logical for us to make mobile development part of our strategy.
The app is available on iOS (iPhone and iPad) in five languages (French, English, Italian, Spanish, German).
You can download it for free at: Gold Price App for iPhone & iPad
For more information about GoldBrokers app, visit here.

Kim Cam App let Android users create outrageous movies starring King Jong-un

While Sony Pictures may have famously balked at the idea, the fearless development team at Subway Monkey has no qualms about poking the bear that is North Korea dictator Kim Jong-un.
The company's new mobile app, Kim Cam, gives users a co-star with the reclusive and notorious leader in their own mini-movies. While the company has also launched a Kickstarter campaign to further support the app's development.
"What's a great home movie or viral video without a compelling and recognizable star?" asked Bee Brown, Public Relations Manager at Subway Monkey.
"Our new Kim Cam app lets enterprising young directors cast none other than Kim Jong-un in the lead role, doing all sorts of ridiculous things. We all know that Kim's father was an avowed movie buff – it's only fitting that his son follow in his footsteps, so to speak."
Kim Cam is free and will launch first on Google Play. The app takes advantage of a smartphone's built-in camera and enables users to insert short recordings of the North Korean leader into a video clip. The user's imagination and sense of humor are the only practical limitations on what can be created with Kim Cam.
Amateur filmmakers will no doubt enjoy the versatility offered by Kim Cam: the app features 23 different scenes of North Korea's "dear leader" available for download.
"Throw a Punch" and "Gangnam Supreme" are just a couple of examples of humorous actions that Kim Jong-un can perform on behalf of users. The app currently provides up to three free ready-made video downloads to share with friends; additional videos are available for .99 cents via in-app purchase.
The app is currently only for Android devices, a launch for iOS devices will be coming soon. Meanwhile, fans of Kim Cam are encouraged to engage with Subway Monkey on social media and be on the lookout for more one-of-a-kind apps in the near future.

IBM Research joins more than 220 New York-based engineers to drive the Future of computer Chips at SUNY Polytechnic Institute

IBM in partnership with SUNY Polytechnic Institute today announced that more than 220 engineers and scientists who lead IBM's advanced chip research and development efforts at SUNY Poly's Albany Nanotech campus will becomes part of IBM Research, the technology industry's largest and most influential research organization.
The move supports Governor Andrew M. Cuomo's public-private partnership model for innovation and economic development and is part of IBM's $3 billion investment in chip R&D over the next five years. These efforts will push the limits of chip technology needed to meet the emerging demands of cloud computing, Big Data, and cognitive computing systems.
"The groundbreaking work that these engineers will conduct at SUNY Polytechnic Institute reflects IBM's long-term commitment to inventing the future of microelectronics," said Dr. John Kelly, Senior Vice President, Solutions Portfolio and Research at IBM.
"The IBMers working at SUNY Poly possess unique skills and capabilities, positioning our company to drive development of the next generation of chips and to fuel a new era of computing."
"On behalf of New York State, we are thrilled that our advanced R&D facilities can now collaborate even more directly with IBM Research, and look forward to gaining more immediate access to thousands of the industry's top researchers from around the globe," said Dr. Alain Kaloyeros, President and CEO of SUNY Polytechnic Institute.
"It's a real testament to the vision and leadership of Governor Andrew Cuomo, and to the success of the investments that IBM and New York State have made to attract premier technology skills and talent to the Capital District."
The $3 billion investment that IBM announced in July 2014 focuses on the development of basic materials science to make it possible to shrink semiconductors to 7 nanometers and beyond, as well as support research into completely new areas beyond traditional silicon architectures, such as synaptic computing, quantum devices, carbon nanotubes, and photonics, that could transform computing of all kinds.
IBM and SUNY Poly have built a highly successful, globally recognized partnership at the multi-billion dollar Albany NanoTech Complex, highlighted by the institution's Center for Semiconductor Research (CSR), a $500 million program that also includes the world's leading nanoelectronics companies. The CSR is a long-term, multi-phase, joint R&D cooperative program on future computer chip technology.

IBM Cloud to Boost eBay Enterprise Commerce Ecosystem

eBay Enterprise, an eBay Inc. company, and IBM today announced that eBay Enterprise has selected IBM as leading enterprise hybrid cloud platform to enhance its Magento Hosting Partner ecosystem to further expand its global scope and reach.
This agreement is designed to introduce Magneto's ecommerce clients in every industry to IBM's enterprise-proven cloud platform while also expanding global infrastructure options for Magento's retailer brands.
Magento, which serves more than 240,000 retailers worldwide, was recognized as the leading ecommerce platform for fast growing retailers of all sizes in the Internet Retailer Top 500 and Hot 100 lists for 2014. Brands already leveraging the power and flexibility of Magento's software include BOXPARK, Munchkin, Rebecca Minkoff, Harvey Nichols and 3M to name a few.
"Magento's unique worldwide developer network enables retailers and brands to create customized, innovative, omni channel commerce experiences to accelerate their growth. Our partnership with IBM, a proven leader in cloud, will provide Magento clients of all sizes another cost-effective, scalable and secure hosting infrastructure on a global scale," noted Craig Hayman, president, eBay Enterprise.
This partnership offers Magento Enterprise Edition clients another powerful, flexible and reliable cloud-hosting solution that can be tailored to support their needs in ways cookie-cutter platforms cannot.
The addition of IBM's SoftLayer to the Magento Hosting Partner program signifies Magento's leadership and continued focus on enabling virtually unlimited flexibility in both software and infrastructure options.
IBM, a new Magento Platinum Hosting Partner, operates a global cloud infrastructure platform designed to guarantee security, resiliency and efficiency.
IBM's cloud centers are connected by the industry's most advanced network that integrates distinct public, private, hybrid and internal management networks to deliver lower total networking costs, better access and higher speed.
Magento merchants using the SoftLayer infrastructure will be able to capitalize on IBM's global network of more than 40 cloud centers to get closer to their customers and end users while providing the option to keep sensitive data in local facilities.
"Ecommerce is a key vertical business for IBM Cloud," said Jim Comfort, general manager, IBM Cloud Services. "Partnering with eBay Enterprise will better position our joint customers to realize their growth goals by leveraging their Magento platform running on IBM's cloud infrastructure, which together will deliver unparalleled performance, automation and global reach."